Saturday, December 20, 2008

Glowball Warming and KIM Jong Il

Here's a cold-blast from the past (December 2007) via Black Five's own "Kev" and "Uncle Jimbo". Preez see video before reading further. I odor you!

Now preez read Great Reader's take on the video...

Meanwhile somewhere north of the DMZ, in the Land 'O Frozen Koon-Dingies, we find DPRK's Great Reader, KIM JONG IL, making an astute observation...

KIM- Hey, General Wang!

WANG- What up, Bigg BlossMan?

KIM- Check out "Cousin Kev's" bideo on glow-ball warning!

KIM & WANG- BWAAHahahahahaha!

WANG- Dat good one all light!

KIM- Own-ree one ting I'm doo

WANG- What dat, Most Meteorological One?

KIM- I'm put NBSeize "Today Show" star reporter, Michelle Kosinski, rowing by in a fluckin canoe!

WANG & KIM- BWAHAHahaha!!!

KIM- Wang, put a-nudder clopy of Al Goes book
"An Inclunvienient Troof" on da fire...ass of Great Reader colder than the body tempatyour of Harry Reid.

WANG- Does that flucker even have a pulse?


Erica said...

"...ass of Great Reader colder than the body tempatyour of Harry Reid."

Hysterical. I hear he also doesn't have sweat glands, unlike the rest of the unwashed masses.

Ruv you long time,


Anonymous said...

Ah Hahahaha aha

PS- Earth's most natural state is No Ice at the Poles. For example, the Vikings immigrated to and inhabited Greenland for about 500 years long before anyone even heard of fating cows.

Though there was some ice in those particular days, it was warm enough to farm and hunt and stay alive for 500 years.

A little known fact is that the Vikings could have mated with the Inuit, and learned how to survive in Greenland when the little ice age came along but they wouldn't because they said the Inuit were too ugly.


JihadGene said...

Tanks! Ruv yoo 2 very looong time!

Great Reader wood mate with you if it wood keep him alive! RaffOutRoud!

Anonymous said...

Ah hahaaha haha

Hopefully it never comes to that !


Teresa said...


We got glow-ball warning here too. Wonder if Al Goe is in town.

JihadGene said...

I'm hopes Al Goe stays in TennisShe!

Ruv You Looong Time!!!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL