Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great Reader KIM Jong IL Surfaces

After an extended Tank's-giving vacation on the DMZ, Great and Glorious Reader, KIM Jong IL is back to work and firing like a Chevy Vega station's wagon on all 2 & 1/2 cylinders! Those Souf Koreans, the lowly lackey's of the not-so-great Satan, George W. Bloosh, have dismissed the DPRK's latest photographic evidence of Norf Korea's Great Reader as "boo shit" and "not even real"! The audacity displayed by the Souf Koreans who long for a home in Crawford, Texass will not go unnoticed by our Dear and Healthy Great Reader, KIM Jong IL! Pictured is the Great Reader playing with his "new and improved" and "nuclear-enhanced" Norf Korean Mastiff named "Fluffy".


Anonymous said...

Dear Great Reader of Fantastic D P R K...

This is your chief dietician speaking to you from undeescrosed rocation. After you eat too much for Thanksgriving I'm afraids I gots to go to hiding place. Please Great Reader, if I may Humbrly ask Great Reader to not add too much Christmas Turkey Stuffing to Already Over Stuffed and Full of Stuff Rike Christmas Turkey Great Reader, or you will get Big bellys ache again.

Your Humble servant
Diana Hunger

JihadGene said...

Deer Chief-

Too late! Your ass is GAS!!!

Great Yoo-No-Who...