Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movie Stars, Bikers,Heathens, Vietnam Vets, PFC Hunter Levine, and Prayers

Now, as you all know...or should know by now....I am one 6'3" round eyed caucasian heathen bastard. One bred by Texan parents in the fruits & nuttlands of California. Yep. I'm one raggedy-assed Baptist who deserves no answered prayer and does frequently (especially when driving) deserve The Lake of Burning Fire! But occasionally some of my bullshit slips through God/Allah's SPAM filter and arrives on the Jehovah Jireh monitor of P-mail (prayer mail). This morning I hit it big! My lovely Korean-Naturalized American wife (KIM) wakes me up at the crack of dawn (8:30 AM) and shoves my cell phone down my esophagus. She says "It's for you" but it sounds more like "About time you got your lazy American Round-Eyed-G.I. butt up"! I dislodge the deep-throated and saliva covered Samsung cell phone and say in a sand-papery voice...hello. Well, long story short it's a Vietnam Vet with the American Legion Riders calling me from West Sacramento. He and his veteran motorcycle riding buddies got the word from a friend I had e-mailed (who's in the Patriot Guard Riders) and that they are going to Palo Alto's V.A. Hospital, later in the week to visit with wounded Iraqi War Veteran, PFC Hunter Levine. I tell him that yes, Hunter is still in Palo Alto, and that in mid November Hunter will go home to Texas for a little Thanksgiving vacation, then back to Palo Alto for more eye surgery. Palo Alto is the place to be for that. "Cool", says the Legion Rider. I tell him Hunter may or may not wish to see them and he doesn't even flinch. Instead he says, "What's important is that he (Hunter) knows he's not forgotten". Can I get a BIG AMEN here Brothers and Sisters???!!! Besides, he says..."We can visit other Vets/Troops in the V.A. Hospital while we're there". BIG AMEN!!! I am blessed by this phone call and bail out of bed. I hit the floor running. The phone and one of my dogs goes flying! Sorry, dog. I get to the computer and go to Armyhousehold6 and what do I see?! Actor/singer Gary Sinise will be visiting Hunter this weekend! A BIG U.S.ARMY HOOAH AND A JIHADI-BAPTIST HALLELUJAH!!! Living proof that once again prayers (from even a heathen like me) CAN and DO get answered when given in good spirit! Now, may the Lord's love encircle you and keep you, and may all my enemies be dressed like moose grazing in the front yard of Sarah Palin...sorry Lord, my bad. This is JihadGene signing off till tomorrow, when I'll be back with installment #10 of Love American VS Korean Style. JG ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad those prayers were answered, Gene.
I'm proud of you, and I love you lots and lots.
Elder Sister

Anonymous said...

Isn't it awesome?? Imagine my surprise when I got the phone call asking if they could visit? Prayers are being answered and Hunter's spirits are being lifted!!


JihadGene said...

Sis & HH6-
I love it when good triumphs over bullsh*t-evil and depression! There are good folks out in the world. I meet 'em everyday.Today was just a beautiful reminder of that. You both remind me of that.
Ruv You Looong Time!
JG & Great Reader

pamibe said...

That gets a HUGE Amen!! Wonderful!

Maeve said...

That is the best news I've gotten all week. Pulled me out of my crappy PMS too!

JihadGene said...

You got it PAM!Hallelujah Sister!

Maeve- I heard PMS stands for P.utting-up with M.en's S.hit

Evil Transport Lady said...

So very cool! Those guys and gals rock! So do you!

Oh and thanks for telling us what you look like, I was kind of lost there for a while:)

JihadGene said...

Not only am I 6'3" tall but I'm Husky too (270 lbs).I know husky means fat but if you wear your clothes kinda loose they say you're not fat...Husky maybe, but not fat. Yeah right. Bathroom mirrors never lie. Great Reader KIM Jong IL must not have any bathroom mirrors or he'd of launched them nukes already.

Cappy said...

Wonder how Eric, Erica & co. are doing this weekend. Redneck and I couldn't lift the ZZ Top Eliminator car for the road trip to Tenn. Go big or stay home, I say.

JihadGene said...

Heard it was great, Cappy. Really great!!! JG

Anonymous said...

haha i dont know you and i dont know what this website is all about but i do know that Levine is a part of my platoon and all of us over here thank you very much for keeping him company while we are all still stuck over here thanks

JihadGene said...

Stay safe and stay Army strong. Hunter is having a Birthday soon. We are on it! Our thanks to all of you and our prayers as well. Even an infidel like me get's through to God now and then. Ain't it great?!

old 31Bravo