Wednesday, September 10, 2008

KIM Jong IL is NOT Dead!

Dear Infidels-
I am well aware of the rumors started by those Republican Right-Winged Lipstick-Wearing PIGS stating that my dear friend, Great Reader, KIM Jong Il is dead. This is not true! You can be sure of it! I just got off the phone with him (1-800-KIM-LIVE). Don't listen to those lipsticked hockey-infested Mom's who wear no hajibs! Unlike the wonderful Nancy Pelosi (is she still on vacation?) they, the lipsticked ones, and all the devil children they have spawned will suffer a retro-active abortion at the hands of the most merciful god of all, Allah, himself. So don't give me any of that Rush Limbaugh crap with the totally bogus phone number of 1-800-KIM-DEAD. Remember...just as OJ will be found innocent in Vegas...Great Reader, KIM Jong Il lives! Obama's gonna win too! So there.... take infidels and women with the painted up faces and ruby-red lips.


none said...

Obama has a thing for dolled up farm animals it seems.

pamibe said...

Gee, I was worried about the Great Reader there for a scant second...

Anonymous said...

Oh, what does Barry Soetoro know 'bout pigs? He's a Muslim! They don't know nuthin' about them piggies!

And he doesn't know anything about lipstick either. As his own dead purple lips will attest.

Harrumph. I'd call him a sexist pig, but I like pigs.

You just look at that little link, y'all. Someone in Barry's family was confused about his nationality and his religion.

Just sayin'


BTW, KimJongReallyIll, rest in pieces.

Teresa said...

That wouldn't be a coffin I saw in the background of the picture now would it??? *grin*

Anonymous said...

Naw, he's not dead... yet, but he's tin manned... You better get over there and chew his cereal for him... he ain't lastin' too long.