Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baghdad Bob Says KIM Jong IL Strokin' Out Story Not True

Dearest Readers,
Our Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, is not suffering from a stroke! This is a blatant lie! It is most obviously a ploy of the Rogue Maverick Cowboy Senator, John Wayne McCain who is undoubtedly assisted in this twisted lie by the horrid republican party's Wicked Winch from the West...the Ice Queen herself, Saracuda Palin! This is only some sort of an attempt to take Barack Whose-Named Obama out of the news. Praise be to Obama and Allah, that it's all a bunch of right winged experience-lacking HOOEY! There are no wheelchairs within 1000 miles of the Great Reader! Also in the news...OJ will be found innocent in Las Vegas!!! Now, may Allah's love encompass you and slit the throats of all non-believers! Have a nice day. (BB in Hades)


none said...

They're peeking under the covers again!

Anonymous said...

I think Kim Jong either stepped on a nail or was eaten by a giant squid.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Baghdad Bob and this paragraph is the funniest thing I'll see all day.