Saturday, July 19, 2008

Woman in the Street Interview- Afghani Women Hate Obama

JihadGene here with a woman on the street interview in Afghanistan...

JG- So your name is?...

LADY- Bashasha Amal Smith.

JG- I believe that is an Islamic name, is it not?

LADY- For the most parts.

JG- What does your Islamic name mean?

LADY- Well, Bashasha means cheerfullness.

JG- Go on...

LADY- Amal means hope.

JG- And "Smith", what does that mean?

LADY- It means I'm using an alias, you dumb shit.

JG- Oh. Very good then. So Amal means hope?

LADY- Did I do a "Mel Tillis" and stutter, asshole?

JG- Oh. No, Mam.

LADY- That's better, freak.

JG- Are you sure that your first name, Bashasha, means cheerfullness? It doesn't seem...

LADY- Where, in. the. hell., are you going with this?! I put my chick-pea fried ass on the line to talk with you and all you wanna do is talk about my Islamic name?! The Taliban ain't exactly cool with us Afghan women talking to strangers, ya know?! You here to ask me about that Barrack Hussein Obama guy, or what?

JG- Well yes. But I don't get all your...shall I say...resentment?

LADY- Call it what it is, JG. It's anger, damn it!

JG- Very well. Are you then angry because Obama has come to visit your people in Afghanistan?

LADY- You bet your sweet ass I am!

JG- But...

LADY- Look here, fool! Whenever I bow and pray towards Mecca, I see the big US Air Base over there across from my 225 square foot, Habeeb-Built Mud-Mansionett hut. When I saw all the Iron Birds coming in earlier today, plus the helicopters, not to mention all the big Chevy SUV's, and added security in the air and on the ground....well I just put 2 and 2 together! But I never thought it would be this elephant-eared f*ck-face named Obama! Mutha-F*cka! I'm pissed! Naturally, I was let down. Who wouldn't be?! Damn it! May Obama suckle on all of Jimmy Dean's pure-pork sausage-laden sow's for this!

JG- Well, then... just who...or what, did you think was coming in?

LADY- The WWE, of course.

JG- The WWE?

LADY- You know...the WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT! They only been here about a hundred times!... unlike that chicken-shit Obama. Hope & change, my ass!!! I wants some more of that WWE action!!!
I'm talking Undertaker! Jessie & Festus! The Samoan Luv Daddy, Umaga! Randy Orton! Big Show! The Punjabi Ass-Pounder hisself ,The Great Kahli! Mr Kennedy! Shelton Benjamin! Kofi Kingston! Matt & Jeff Hardy! Batista! Triple H! Sean Michaels! Mark Henry! Ray Mysterio, and "EDGE"...he autographed my thong!!! Did I tell ya about the time I woke up with this killer hang-over, and my burka up over my head? Seems Finlay and Hornswoggle made an honorary Leprechaun outta me! WooooWeee, what a night! Say, you aren't gonna print this shit are ya? I gotta go. You never talked to me. C ya!

JG- This pretty-much concludes the interview, I'd say.


Cappy said...

Bathe her and send her to someone else's tent.

Anonymous said...

Dat's funny.

JihadGene said...

Deer Clappy-

wheres yur tent?

Deer JimBlowsan-

Tank you berry much.

Great Reader Kim Jong IL

Anonymous said...

LOL! Good interview, and think I saw that lady on my last embed. Acted real nervous about the camera and the local constabulary patrols...

Anonymous said...

Guys! Give her a break! No wonder she's scared. If the Taliwhackers see her talking to ya, they're gonna call her a prostitute and shoot her. Just pretend you never saw her before.


none said...

Bravo! More wrestring and less jug eared bozo.