Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Friday! Feel the Heat? Let's Dance!

It's Friday and I have a goat-smelling GE side by side refrigerator-freezer, made by infidels from PIGISTAN, that's only 2 years old. The compressor went out today. Can I get a repairman today? Maybe, I'm told. Will he have the part or parts needed? Maybe, I'm told. Did I tell ya it's gonna be 103 today? Sure hope my home's A/C unit isn't a GE. I think that tramp, Al Gore, is having his way with me. Al wants us not to use energy, so I guess a refrigerator is not needed in his Glow-balled Warming World, which he flies over in a JP5 fuel-sucking jet. Piss on Al Gore! I hope he has GE jet engines. With my luck he'll probably crash on-top of me, anyways. Man, in times like these I miss my motorcycle (the one I was always crashing and doing Jihad on) something fierce. It's times like this when I just want to get on the bike and take a ride in the country, where I can enjoy my Iron Horse while being pelted by dust, dirt, and sand, stinging insects, sprayed by crop dusters, and enjoy the adrenalin-rush of narrowly avoiding death in the form of ladders falling out of pick up trucks in front of me, or the thrill of drunken Mexicans running stop signs in their Chevy vans as I approach the intersection. Welcome to my
"El World-Oh" ...a little Latin lingo as I'm practicing being bilingual like Obama instructs me.
Man, I still miss my motorcycle! So in honor of all these things on my the fact that my Elder Sister Carol and the entire 1st Baptist Church thinks I'm going to hell's today's Jihadgene Dance Fever hit! The song by Elvis. The video with Ghost rider. Come on! Let's dance!


That 1 Guy said...

'Tis a beautiful day.

To stay inside, that is. And that is exactly what I plan on doing after I blitz my errands...

Boomer Baby Carol said...

Love the music. Hate the video.

I'm still glad you didn't let that motorcycle kill you, though I know it tried.

The good thing about the motorcycle was that it renewed my faith in angels. The angels had to be working so hard (saving your butt), they must have been dripping angel sweat.

Love you anyway,
Elder Sister

JihadGene said...

Angel sweat? Thanks Carol! I now have a "properly named" snake oil to sell at Obama rally's!

Jihad "Entrepreneur" Gene

Anonymous said...

... .damn, I had forgotten how much that song rocks...... Elvis was The King....