Monday, July 21, 2008

Church with Rev Michelle Obama

Hello Obamite's! As you well know, Barrack Who's-Named Obama, is overseas gallantly serving this undeserving nation of mean people of ours. Barrack is busy securing peace and harmony in the middle-east, just like Jimmy Carter, until Ronald Reagan and George Bush #1 fu*ked that shit all kinds of up. Now, even as I, the Reverend Michelle Obama speak... my sweet-meated Prince of Piece, is in the HOMIE Land, hookin up with the butchers of Iraqistan. You know who they are... General Betrayus, and some other lame ass generals in George W. Bush's army, who have been air-raiding and killing civilians! Our nation's soul is broken! Barry is here to fix our nation's soul! Now STFU and let us pray...

...Our Barrack, who's-Named Obama, so hollow be this lame. Thy kingdom come, Rezko's will be done, on earth, as it is in the projects. Give us this day, our daily talking points, and lead us not within 10 miles of Jessie Jackson. May we pile up debt and have Hillary supporters pick up the checks, as we are black, and can't be questioned. And lead us not into the Republican Party (who are all a bunch of pussy's) but deliver us from Karl Rove. For me and mine's is the kingdom, and the power, and the White House forever. Right on!

Let us now enjoy these songs of worship...

What a wonderful friend we have in Obama ( The Tali-bandsmen)

Draw me to Your (airport) Throne Room (Solo Senator Larry Craig)

We shall gather at the Denver, the beautiful, the beautiful, Denver (Solo Rep. Nancy Pelosi)

There's Power in the Mud (Solo Rep. Barney Frank)

Faithful (Solo Bill Clinton)

Heads Up (Solo Monica Lewinski)

Who Needs a Boat (Solo Ted Kennedy)

(* I could go on with this shit)

Okay. The service is over, sucka's! Now go to the Trinity United Church and donate today! If you contribute over $500 you will receive a Joliet State Penitentiary list of “do’s and don’ts” personally autographed by Tony Rezko! For those of you struggling, whitie collar hard-workin’ folk (lawyers), who contribute over $1k, you will receive a Denny’s Menu signed by “The Shake-Down Clowns”…Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton! Remember, brothers and sisters, a minimum donation of only $500 will not only “not” fix your souls, but likely you will find yourself under the wheels of a bus! Give generously or else! And all of you Hillary supporters can kiss my bodacious ass! Cash only, no checks. Vote OBAMA!


Maeve said...

"my sweet-meated Prince of Piece"
I just about spewed my diet coke over that line.
I put the drink safely out of reach while I read the rest of this hysterical post.

none said...

I imagine soon they will start opening branches of the first church of the Obamanation.

I thought we were supposed to have seperation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

I say move all them fuckers to Waco now. We got that pattern down.

Ask that ugly bitch if you don't believe me. She'll tell you, if you twist her nipple just right.

Was that Allbright and shiney hiney, or that woman that looked like a man. Yeah, that one, Janet Reno. Is Reno a stupidalitarion name or did she come by it honest.?

When you gotta go period, followed by a question mark, you know damned well it's a cornspiracy.