Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My brother Joe and Poetry

Teen suicide sucks. I found out, first-hand, in 1971. My brother with that beautiful nervous smile of his, left us. It happened late at night. I was age 16 and asleep. Joe would have been 19 in one more week. I hope he stopped by my room and said goodbye. I'll never know. I have memories of him, very good ones. I discarded the negative, as best I can. The blog has helped me do this. If I could change things I would. He was so smart. So quiet. Call me Mr Opposite. We fought and loved each-other. He was my big brother. He wrote this funny poem and I never forgot it. I don't know if my sisters know it, but I know it. word.for.word.


When I get older, I know what I'll be.

A wino's life, is the life for me.

Vin Ros'e and Muscatel,

A life like that would sure be swell!

I'd live down by the railroad tracks,

And keep my wine in paper sacks.

When I'm older and I die,

You'll know it's cause my bottle's dry!

by Joe

*my Blog Mother "Erica" is writing poetry. Thanks Erica, for helping me to share my brother Joe. If someone talks about death, stop, think, and listen. My parents didn't. It was different then. JG


Anonymous said...

Oh,JG, I'm sitting here crying for Joe, for you, for your sisters and parents and for all the people who couldn't see past tomorrow and believe it might get better.

I know Joe taught you the most important lesson... and I can see by the way you spend time with your son that you won't make the same mistakes.

I'm sure Joe would have smiled that same nervous smile as your son swore in front of the priest. And he would have smiled a not so nervous smile at you for being such a good dad.


JihadGene said...

All that you said, means a lot.
Thank you very loong time,

Erica said...

It is so good, after this time has passed, that you can celebrate JihadJoe's life with a smile and a fond memory. My heart truly despairs for those who were bereft of hope, and those who are left behind as a result.

This is another one of the beauties of blogging, since it cannot fix the unfixable, it can at least be an instrument of some kind of emotional salve, further connecting you to friends who care.