Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KIM Jong IL on Depression and Self Medicating

Meanwhile North of the 38th Parallel, in the land of milk & Honeycombs we find Great Reader KIM Jong Il, in pink robe and fuzzy bunny slippers, reading a cereal box, and eating breakfast, much to the distress of General Wang...

WANG- Your Greatness, I haven't seen you in this kinda shape since the movie Team America came out! Every-time you get depressed, you start eating boxes of Honeycomb cereal!

KIM- (munch, mmm, munch, crunch) TEEMS AMERICKLAW!!!
Booo-hooo-hooo-hooo! Sniff-sniff. sniff. Pass me the milk and get me some more Kreen-Ex.

WANG-Right here with the Kleenex , your Sad One. You can't go on like this, Sir.

KIM- (Munch, CRUNCH, muncH!!!)
Can't goes on like what? I'm likes Honey's-Comb LOOONG time! It's my way to self meditate.

WANG- Self medicate, Sir.

KIM- Whatever. I'm feels depressed. But I'm knows I'm must be thinking more positively. Yes, that's right! The sun will wise again in the mooring!

WANG- That's right Sir! The sun will rise again in the morning! It will be a better day and this dark cloud shall pass-by, showing a bright & beautiful, new tomorrow!

KIM- (rises from kitchen table, puts on big sunglasses, and begins to sing from
the musical Annie)

The sun will come out TOO-MARR-LOW

So you gots to hang on


Come whats may

TooMarrLow! TooMarrLow!


You're always
A day
A way!!!

KIM- Thanks General Wang! I fweel better already.

WANG- Good. Now I need some Honeycomb.

KIM- Help yourself!
Got milk?


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Kim-Chee. I'm koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs myself. Honeycombs gets soggy when you put them in milk


JihadGene said...

Damn Deltabravo! You got me! I forgot all about the Cocoa Puffs!!!JG

Anonymous said...

Dude, since Boosh knocked you off the endangered regime list today, hell, you can probably get fruity pebbles now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing, you can probably get some of this now too! You should be a slap happy man cuff-link boy.

Anonymous said...

I see you've been to the Fu King !