Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fortunes and Fortune Cookies


Five fortune-cookie fortunes by JihadGene.
Please feel free to add your own smartassim's in my comments section!...

#1 Not everyone is your friend.

#2 Enjoy life to the fullest with
good friends!

#3 You can thank your "Lucky Stars" that you are not everyone's friend!

#4 Take the time to stop and piss on all jerks, along life's highway.

#5 Drive carefully! The highway is slick with piss.


Rich Casebolt said...

There was a Hong Kong electronics company that I did business with at my previous employer, that went by the name Fuk Hing Industries ... In 2002, they (wised up, IMO) and changed their name to FH Technical Solution.

Cappy said...

And, posted on both sides:
"To keep idiot entertained, turn over fortune".