Tuesday, June 10, 2008

KIM Jong IL, Obama, Oprah, and Judy Tenuta

Meanwhile somewhere south of the Chi-coms "soakin'-wet" Olympic Torch, we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL reflecting on....well, let's just see...

WANG- (Norko's 7 star General)
What's going on, Big Bossman?
You depressed or something, Sir?

KIM- Me? Dee-plessed? Never happen, GI! I'm just be thinking.

WANG- A penny for your thoughts, Great One.

KIM- What's Penny got to do with this? Wasn't she Will Rob-lynn-son's sister on TV show "Lost In Space"?

WANG- What I meant, Sir, is
what are you thinking about?

KIM- I knew that! I'm thinkings of Barrack Who's-Named Obama and why for him no go to I-Whack (Iraq) looong time! Maybe like 2 years (or Mexican talk for McCain supporters "DOS ANOS').

WANG- Well, he's a very busy man I'm sure, what with the campaign and all, your Greatness. After all, he is a man of CHANGE, and that takes great effort, Sir.

KIM- Yeah, Wang. I'm thoughts abrout that, but the own-ree things he changed lately has been his US flag lapel pin, his choice of Pastors, and the Trinity United Against Whitey Church in Chicargo.

KIM- You think he'll come talk to the Great Reader, Wang?

WANG- Not only that Sir, but I'll bet he brings Oprah with him as well!

KIM- WOW! Maybe she'll give me a new car!!!

WANG- Hey, it could happen!

KIM- You sounded just rike Judy Tenuta! That reminds me lets get the Joy Brigade and have them bring their accordions!

WANG- Right away, Sir!


Elisson said...

Ohhhh, dat Judy Tenuta!

Me ruv her rong time.

JihadGene said...

Deer Blogg d'Elisson,
HOE-REE KWAP!!! I'm had nose idea that you had the hook-up with Miss Judy Tuna-neuta! That's
out-wageous!!! The more's I'm see of your brogg da more betta it gets! No bullocks dung!!! Sorry SWMBO is still a sturgeon, butt that's life! What's the proper PSI to inflate my sheep at? I wanna get some good mileage outta her.
Thanks in advance,
KIM Jong IL w/JihadGene