Monday, June 2, 2008

Harriet Christian on Democrats. One New Yorker's View.

I would vote Harriet Christian for President! Hell, she's almost feisty enough to be my big sister (Carol)....well... maybe not that feisty. but. close.JG


Anonymous said...

I always did like me some Frampton... And yes, it does appear that the dimocrats have their heads firmly shoved up the assend, and can't find the light switch. It's dark in there.

Sux for them.

Anonymous said...

.... I think she'd been hittin' the sauce at the convention bar.....


Anonymous said...

Go Harriet! I can imagine she doesn't put up with the squeegie guys trying to wash her windshield either.

Hillary has something up her sleeve. She was too happy in her speech. This gets interestinger and interestinger.