Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone I'll Miss Looong Time, Harvey Korman

Goodbye, Harvey Korman. You made me laugh so hard when you were trying, so very desperately, to stay in character despite the likes of Carol Burnett and Tim Conway. How they must be missing you! How I miss you, as well. Prayers to you, to all who laughed and lived life, with you.
Missing You Looong Time!JG


Anonymous said...

Thank you for honoring Mr. Korman. He entertained so many of us for many, many years. Tim Conway must feel as if a part of himself is missing. They were a great team.

JihadGene said...

He was like one of the three stooges. All made you laugh, but together they equaled a heavenly host of laughs.
Damn, I forgot someone...Dick Martin!

Erica said...

Beautifully and simply stated, GR/JG. I'll miss Harvey looong time, too.