Friday, May 30, 2008

Hillary Hatin' Comes in all Colors...Catholic too!

DATELINE CHICAGO- Chi-towne's Trinity of Oprah Church had guest speaker Father P.F. FLYER (AKA- PFLEGER) create public outrage when showing up at church as a typical caucasion preacher-man. But then all hell broke loose when the REV did his Hillary Act! The congregation went wild (I would say ape-shit but I'd be accused of being racist)!We asked one of the congregation, a Mr I.B. Homeless, for his thoughts on tonight's sermon. Homeless said, "Like I could give a shit?! You got any spare change?Meanwhile denied access of his own former church, the Retired Reverend Wright was heard yelling-'I'm Black, I'm Entitled ... Now There's A White Man Stealing My Show!'We contacted the Reverend Al Sharpton for comment but he declined, saying "I'm busy changing batteries in this here bullhorn, go ask that bitch Reverend Jesse. Leave me outta this, Sucka"! Presidential HOPEful Barrack Who's-Named Obama said only, "Once elected by the Super Delegates, I will CHANGE all of this! It will be a much nicer world with me controlling the dumb-asses of Florida and Michigan, telling them when their votes can and will count"! We contacted Hillary Clinton for comment and could only make out the following between her heartbreaking sobs...."It'll be June soon....and just like Bobby Kennedy in '68"...
Great Reader JihadGene


joated said...

Saw the video of this Pfleger guy doing his thing and had to remind myself he was a freakin' Catholic priest. And ten I had to look twice to make sure he was white.

What the heck is in the water in south Chicago? You dumping some of that radioactive shit there KJI?

JihadGene said...

Praise the Bored!

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