Friday, May 23, 2008

Light on Blogging Lately. My Best Friend is Sick.

Here's my best bud (with son's underwear on her head). She's been sick and spent last night in the critter hospital. Stomach problems. She's an 8 year old West Highland White Terrier and I love her tons. With all the crap going on all over the world, she (like blogging) are my great escapes. She's family. I feel like crap.JihadGene


GUYK said...

i hope she is better. I have a nearly 15 year old poodle, Miss Sassie Podle Dawg who has been a true friend since her puppy days. She is deaf..completly deaf..and can only see out of one eye.But she still comes to me to pick her up and pet her and she snuggles to me in the bed at night. I have though several times I was going to lose her but she just keeps hanging on..maybe because I share that horse piss tasting bebulizer with her every day..when she doesn't get that shit in her lunds she has terrible coughing spells and seems to run out of air....I know the feeling

Anonymous said...

I hope Chang is doing better. I wondered why you hadn't been blogging much this week.
Love you lots,
Elder Sister

Cappy said...

Sorry to hear about the sick dog. Do the underpants help?

Anonymous said...

Awww, hope doggy gets better. Real cute! Mine is dumber than dirt. She ate a cigarette lighter someone threw over the fence. I would have stopped eating after the first gulp of butane. She's not that smart.

$700 and two days in doggie hospital later, she was back to normal.

Good luck!


Teresa said...

Aw - poor pup. I hope she's feeling better soon. We had our wonderful Border Collie for 17 years - it's very hard when they're sick.

Sending pets to her and get well vibes.