Thursday, May 15, 2008

California is Tanking! Governor Arnold Swarchenegger has a Girly-Man Solution!

Mrs Jihad and I have our own business here in the People's Republic of California and have been watching our home-state's economy tank for the last (at least) 5 years. But our glorious Governor Arnold Swarchenegger who said "I'll never raise taxes" has given us this crap-sandwich with a twist....
Coming up on the next ballot, Californian's will have to vote on either...#1, Sell about the only thing making money for the State, our lottery, for a quick bail-out or...#2...if you vote NO, on the sell-the-lotto proposition, you have just voted YES to raise the CA. sales tax 1%! According to ARNOLD you have just voted to raise your own taxes. You foolish girly-taxpayers! Arnold had nothing to do with it... the voters did it. You see how easy it is? Sell about the only state-run program that makes money for us and get that Fast Cash (for a Washington DC minute) or if we don't like that, then we get a 1% increase in state sales tax. The onus is then upon us (the voters) and Arnold's hands are clean....bullshit. Why don't they cut spending? Hell, why are we stuck with McCain, Obama, & Hillary? I suggest Arnold do this instead, to raise revenue. Go HERE! Payment in Euro's only please!


Insane Mama said...

didn't arnold cut back on all the state parks also? Where the "F" are we supposed to let our kids play

JihadGene said...

Yo, Insane Mama-san!!!

I'm nose what you means!
Your brogg be FUNNY AS HELL!!!

Ruv You Looong Time!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL

That 1 Guy said...

I must be a tad bit more retarded than previously thought... how the hell does this make sense?