Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah...I Knows it be Fly-Day! Let's dance PIGS!

What with Senator John McLame McCain calling racism on the North Carolinian's Republican Party and all...he needs to hear this song! No, John... I don't wanna see your MOH. I will always respect you for your sacrifices, on foreign soil. You can't hang with conservatives (who are NOT racists)John? I wish you could but my doubts deepen. If ya listen to the music it has a message. One that should resound throughout America!


GUYK said...

yeah, I want to hear how the next president is going to re-instill world confidence in the green back and what is he/she gonna do towards making this country energy self sufficient. I could give a rats ass whether New Orleans ever gets rebuilt and I ain't too excited about the starving children in Africa. But it does piss me off that there some families here hurting because the old man is out of work because of a fucked up national energy policy.

JihadGene said...


We got some dissagreements on N.O. and Africa but a ton of common-ground on stuff at home! Keep up the fire!