Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parkway Rest Stop's Jimbo Scared of Gators! Mass Production of X-Ray Spex Halted!

Meanwhile somewhere's Souf of PyongYang in "The Land of the Morning Missile Launch" we find Norf Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL at the TOP SECRET launch site of his newest creation...

KIM- General Wang! Have starving workers move TOP SEEQUIT STATUE over to da left sum more. Little moe....a little moe...PERFLECT! Yeah BABY! Rookin good!! Keep curtain up on SPECIAL PROJECT!!
No unveiling's yet!!!

WANG- Great Reader?

KIM- Yes?

WANG- Why are we having our Gloriously Starving Prisoner/Volunteer Work Crews stop all production on Xray Spex? I mean it is our NUMBER ONE seller in Iran and Syria, and are now our Glorious Slave Laborer's are working around-the-clock on this project, Most Confusing One.

KIM- You wants mine honest answer, Wang?

WANG- I would appreciate that, Great One.

KIM- Oklay...Scout's Dishonor (puts right hand over where his heart should be)! I'm build this to TERROR-FRY A MORTAL ENEMY OF THE D.P.R.K.!

WANG- Dick Cheney? Condi Rice? Sec Def Gates?

KIM- Nope. Nope. And hell nose!

WANG- Red Neck of Redneck Ramblings?

KIM- Nope. Guess again.

WANG- Joated of Compass Points?

KIM- Moe worse than that!

WANG- Teresa of Technicalities? Erica? Drunken Wisdom? Straight White Guy? Jimbo of the Parkway Rest Stop?

KIM- No. No. No. No. BLINGO!!!

WANG- So what is behind the curtain, Most feared One?

KIM- Most scariest thing on face of earf to that heathen JimO of Plarkweigh Restraunt!
Now do the unveiling of hideous statue and beholding of it's terror-frying effects!
(the curtain falls)....BEHOLD!

KIM- Yoo scared, huh Wang?

WANG- Me? Oh. Well...

KIM- You scared, right?!

WANG- Yes Great Reader! (for my families sake)

KIM- Good. I'm thought so! Now open gates to KIM Jong IL' s Wocket City Amusement Park and let our rich Syrian guests in!!!

WANG- Right away, Sir!


Anonymous said...

Jimbo might be skeered o' gators, but he's got mo betta hair than you do... ;)

Teresa said...

ROFLMAO - good thing it wasn't me GR is skeered of, that would present a conundrum and cause me to waste time trying to figure out why. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great Reader ... Jimblow aflaid of arrigators, but no ruv you rong time. Come to Jersey, hit you BRAM! in head wit clowbar.

JihadGene said...

Deer WedNeck, Theresa, & JimO,

Wiff friends rike yoo...
Who kneads those O-rim-pic azzhoes in China?!!! Whom am I? Rodney Danger-KIM? No Leespect!

Ruv Yoo Looong Time!
Great Plissed-Off Reader

Erica said...

Dear Great Reader, Jimblow no even wawk in straight rine after drinking tloo many chalk-writ vokkas, hows he hit yoose in crullers whif stlooopid clowbar??

Come to Jerseys, drop dlead of rotting slewage & Hairbloy flarts.

Anonymous said...

.... bwahahahahha!.... actually, the scariest thing on the planet would be a zombie alligator..... yeef!...


That 1 Guy said...

BLINGO! Heheheheh...

Truly terrifying, JG.