Thursday, April 3, 2008

KIM Jong IL Has Yard Sale! Save Big $! Promises No Cheap Chinese Junk! by jihadgene

Don't let this happen to you!

GREAT READER TO THE FLEE-DUMB FIGHTERS frums IRAN-LIKE-HELL- Long may you JIHAD!(is good for business). SPEAKIN OF BIDNESS...The following "YOU TLUBE" is not an "ACURA" repweesentation of a typical Norf Korean quality weapon. Mine weapons No "Bro-Up" like OBLAMA'S wife at a taping of the next OPRAH Show, extolling the virtues of turkey bacon!!!
This Video is real-wee rare footage of one of Vrice President Dick ChainKnee's hunting safari's. The Dick is off camera, while his hunt'n buddy, who obveeously attends Chicago's Trinity Church, is prepping the happy hunting grounds with cheap-assed "MADE IN STINKIN CHINA" mortar fire! WhooooWeeeeee! Looks at that sucka 'splode! We at NORKO use ownlee's the best stuff. See? No lead paint on our tubes, for little toddler jihadi's, (and future suicide bombers) to be harmed by! I'm Ruv Yoo (my clustermurs) Looooooooong Time! And HELL yes, we take PayPal!

Ruv Yoo (too) Looong Time!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
CEO for life, NORKO
NORKO "Where we brings good lives to an end".

*No one (other than Dick C.) were unharmed in the making of this video.

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Erica said...

I never get tired of viewing that MAHsterpiece. I think they should all get together in a big group and do the exact same thing.