Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reuters News Agency Says-North Korea sells rocket launchers to Myanmar! Great Reader Ticked Off!

Meanwhile somewheres north of the Samsung/Hyundai Line, in Norf Korea, Land of the Honey Pots (pots-for-poopin in), we find Great Reader, KIM Jong IL crappy, not happy...

WANG (Seven-Star-General of Glorious DPRK)- Well, what will you do with the Reuters report saying you are selling rocket launchers to Myanmar,Great One?

KIM- Norf Korea will juss ignores it.

WANG- Just ignore it, Sir?

KIM- Abs-of-steel-LUTELY!

WANG- How can you/me/we possibly get away with that, Sir?

KIM- Behinds ebbery great man dares a great womans!

WANG- Who did you have in mind, Great Reader?

KIM- The ones and owner-ree... Mrs. Baa-Rak "Who's-Named" OBAMA!

WANG- Barrack's wife, Sir?

KIM- You nose any other Mrs."Mitchell B-25" OBAMA'S?
(must remember B-25 is good for BLINGO number)

WANG- So how did Michelle...

KIM- That's Mrs Martin-Marauder(B-26) OBAMA, Wang!

WANG- Very good, Sir. So how does she fit in with your plan to IGNORE this news?

KIM- What she say udder day (months ago)?... I'm tells you... shes says "AMERICRANS ARE A HOE-BUNCH OF IGNORE-IT'S"!
I'm tells you Wang, them Americlans IGGNORES or FLOORGETS everything!

WANG- I don't know, Sir....

KIM- I'M DOAN NOSE, SIR?!!! Yoo mighty dlumb for Seven Star General!!!!......Whose NORF of souf Korea, and gots NUKE-QUEER- WOCKETS?!?!?!??? (KIM GOES ON) Well Mr.Contestant for
"Saving of His Familie's Life" WANG?(Final Jeopardy round of music playing...
do, do, do, do, do-do-do. and so's on...)

WANG- I'll take, "My Family Lives" for $1,000,000... Great Reader!

KIM- Very good, Seven Star General "with a living family" Wang.

WANG- Sir?

KIM- Yes?

WANG- This is Plan A, and if I know you at all, Sir, you certainly have a Plan B, Great One.

KIM- Very good General Wang! Yoo now has a family with one weeks ration of kimchee!

WANG- Great Sir! But Plan B?

KIM- I'm will says Great Reader is having a Spring Kleening/Garage/Yard Sale and that some Millrittary Hardwares (WOCKET LAUNCHERS) some-howze slipped in. An honest mistake and an honorable lie. The U.N. will suck it up!

WANG- And if Plan B fails? And you are not believed by the USA, Great Reader?

KIM- I'll just take the Norf Korean 8th AmensMent?

WANG- The eighth letter of the alphabet ,Sir? The letter "H"? The HILLARY, Sir.

KIM- Yoo gots it, Wangster!

WANG- So you'll just say you "MISSPOKE' and get away with everything...?....Brilliant!

KIM- Good night, Wang.

WANG- Jammies, Sir? The ones with the feet?

KIM- Yur a good man, Wang.


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