Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obama forms Company

BREAKING NORF KOREAN NEWS!!! Seeing that his term of "fairness in ruling" is soon ending, sweetheart of Hollywood and theTaliban's BFF, President Barack Whosenamed Obama has announced the opening of a new film company! Obama crowed that his tax dollar funded and tax exempt business will not only help the unemployed...but will also help veterans! He claims to have done this by hiring Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki as Co Director of Obama's...Smartiscool Works! Their first film is "Sure to be a hit with veterans!"...Susan Rice reports. Joe Biden, VP of Smartiscool Works, touts the film as, "A real morale booster for veterans waiting to get on a VA waiting list". The film should be in theaters and soup kitchens on November 11th. The film is called...Lone Deserter. 

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