Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Lessons

So far... this work week has been a pain in the buttocks! Think I'll relax and have some ice's Gump Day! So will you make the rest of your day and work week happy or crappy? I pray you choose happy and hang in there LOOONG time!!! It'll get better.  


LL said...

It's just a box of chocolates.

JihadGene said...

Like peas 'n carrots: KIM Jong Un and wockets!

Kid said...

Oh Man, It can Always be worse.
For example, Friday it snowed on top of the snow that can't be removed by the snowblower, so today I was out taking the snow back down to the pre-Friday snow level.
Let alone any kind of health problem.

Job problem, domestic problem, Legal problems, butt problems, ah, well you know what I'm sayin.

It's gonna take a lot to get me to complain though. :)

Kid said...

Great Reader, Whats Going On Over There? ;-)