Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

It's Friday, people! Another week has shot right by. Faster than a Norf Korean wocket! Todays "Let's Dance" is about looking back. You ever do that? Look back...evaluate...evaluate where you're you got you did ...and why? You ever do that? Yeah, me too. It's called counting your blessings. Look back and count them, they're there. Lessons learned. Lessons earned. Through it all...God is good...and always was...always is. Always! It's Friday. Let's dance. And while we're at it...give thanks! God bless our US Armed Forces. Keep them and their families in you prayers! Always. It's Friday and I wish you all a wonderful weekend, very LOOONG time!!! -JG


Kid said...

Oh, Could be a Lot Better. Could be a Lot Worse.
You won't hear me complaining.

USA_Admiral said...

Wonderful song and wonderful thoughts LOOONG TIME!