Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Friday Let's Dance and Drive

Well, it happened. Not only is it Friday...but my honorable son got his California drivers license yesterday. Today? He drove himself to high school. Pray for us parents of new drivers and pray for him...the curbs, sidewalks, and pedestrians too! As this most awesome 1959 song goes, may we all "step steady on the gas clutch" LOOONG time!!! While we're praying, make sure you keep our brave and most honorable US Armed Forces, their families, and those caught up in hurricane Sandy, in your prayers! So...because it's Friday...let's dance like flying wockets! God bless you all and have a great weekend!


pamibe said...

Happy Friday!! [Even though I thought it was Thursday!]

Congratulations to your son! :)

Kid said...

Gene, if Cincinnati freeways during rush hour are any indication of the driving habits of young people, I can testify that when school is in session, the freeway moves at 40 mph on a good day, and 20 if a drop of rain falls or if the "flashy lights" can be seen.

Which, flashy lights are always seen during morning rush hour because some high schoolers have rear ended some other as they pay more attention to texting on their schmart phone than the effects of mishandling 3,000 pounds of steel rolling along at 60 mph......

Good Luck Great Reader Family !