Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Friday Let's Dance

Friday...finally! Tough week? It has been a week of MALARKEY, here in the California JihadGene Family. Booger Butt, our West Highland White Terrorist-Terrier, is fading We have decided to make her as comfortable as possible. It's tough...but it's life. We finally got some California rain yesterday (a Norf Korean cloudburst, really) and the roof in our clothing store, I call it "Fashion Thug", leaked LOOONG time!!! Our roof is scheduled to be replaced BEFORE the rains come but that's a "tad" too late now. I quickly got buckets under the leaks and collected no less than 8 gallons of water! I looked like a darn sailor, swabbing the deck! Oh well... maybe now the owner of our building will do something about this problem he's known about for months. Jeez. My ruvly wife, the wonderful Mrs JihadGene, is kind of down in the dumps. In addition to all of this MALARKEY, the city is in the middle of replacing our 2 lane road with a divided 4 lane road. Right in front of our lovely home! Got mud? We sure do! The city still hasn't paid us our money for our property or for our expensive block wall they've torn down. It's a MALARKEY MESS! It's a mess...but through it all, God is VERY GOOD to us! Things could be worse, so we count our blessings, of which we have many, troopers...we DRIVE ON! Speaking of troopers, please keep all of our great guys & gals in the US Armed Forces...and their families in your prayers, very LOOONG time!!! May God bless and love, each and everyone, of you. It's Friday! Let's dance!


Kid said...

Sorry about the 4 lane Gene !

JihadGene said...

Kid-Progress. Not always such a great thing.