Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Teaches Obama

Alright, Barry...I didn't mean to take you to the woodshed... but really now...that's how you give a speech! You got that, Son?



LL said...

Bill talked a lot about Bill and how cool Bill was (and by implication what a failed dunce Barack is).

There is a reason why the Clinton's didn't invite the Obamas to Chelsea's wedding. I suspect that beyond the concern that the Obamas would steal the silverware there is the underlying concern that this boorish POTUS isn't somebody that they'd want to "hang out with".

Kid said...

LOL. And, so michele gave a good speech, bubba gave a good speech and that's why we should keep this POS who can't even give a good speech. 98% the same one in 2008.

Man-how hard up or dependent you gotta be to ride in the blue wagon..

Looking forward to the next chapter Gene !