Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

We've been together over 36 years now...and my girl, my wife, my lovely KIM,  has never given up on me. Today, this Friday, we dance to this beautiful tune. Together and in love, we dance slowly. I am so very thankful for her. While God continues to bless us, we pray too, that He continues to bless all of you and our US Armed Forces and their families. Keep them in your prayers! You are, in ours. It's Friday, let's dance slow and lovingly, and always give thanks in all circumstances. "All" circumstances. God won't give up on you. We know this. Have a wonderful weekend. JG & Wife


Kid said...

Great Tune Gene. Dang these guys were cool.

Poking around looking for a lost Mowtown tune (It's got some nice clean guitar in front, do you know it? :))
Circa 1967-1970,

I ran across this old gem. Hope you and Kim can dance to it.

Kid said...

actually Motown. Must a been thinking of my grass cutting days..

JihadGene said...

Great one, Kid! Thanks LOOONG time!!!

pamibe said...

God bless you and your beautiful wife, Gene!

Happy Saturday! :D

JihadGene said...

Thanks very LOOONG time. Pam!!!