Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Best Friend Friday! Let's Dance!

On Wednesday my best friend, Arnold went into ICU with a blood his lung. They ran a bunch of tests on him yesterday (Thursday) and so far, so good, under the circumstances. Arnold has always been not just a church goer, but a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. In the fall of 1970 I first met Arnold. He's the type of guy/kid that was easily liked. I was friends with his older sister and I was scared to death of Arnold's Dad. Now, don't get me wrong...oh no! Arnold's Dad was a nice man and a rugged man. His Dad had fists that looked like 10 lb sledge hammers! His voice was as West Virginia deep, as his hands were coal miner strong! That's where that whole God thing came from, I'm sure of it...from the hills of West Virginia. Arnold got Jesus. His sisters got Jesus.... and if I had laid an exploring teenaged hand on one of the girls? Well, it was pretty much guaranteed that I was gonna meet Jesus at a young age, via their Dad's hands. You know...a laying on of those powerful hands ...and praying for my healing at a much later date. Oh well...some years went by and in 1972 I joined the Army... two whole days after I turned 18. In 1975, about 2 weeks after my 21st birthday, I married a lovely South Korean girl.  Arnold is 2 and a half years younger than me but followed my lead somewhat later. He went into the Army, got sent to Korea, and married the love of his life. It was 1980, and I was a small town cop, when I got a call from Arnold. He heard I had a Korean wife, and so-on-and-so-forth, and we've been best friends ever since. Arnold went back to college, Air Force ROTC, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. After 2 and a half years as a small town cop...I forgot about all the negatives of Army life and decided to go back in and tour Korea's lovely DMZ. Oh fun!. Oh well...throughout the years we stayed in touch. They are the kind of friends you maybe haven't seen in 2 or 3 years, and you just pick right up where you left off. Smooth! Easy going! Wonderful! Later, in 1996, my wife picked up our newly adopted son in South Korea, while I was back home working overtime to make up for lost income, since the wife was going to be a stay-at-home Mom. At that time Arnold was stationed in Japan and he, his wife, and daughter, flew over to see my wife and our new baby boy. They saw my son before I did! I have video of it! Cool, huh?! Anyhow you can see how connected we are. In 1983 they visited us at Fort Ord and in 1990 we visited them at Fort MacArthur. Back and forth. Beautiful! All this time I have only met a handful of men like Arnold. He's my best friend. He and his wife are in our will to care for our son, should something happen to us. That should tell you what we think of him and his family. Now, Arnold is doing better but we ask you to keep him in your prayers. While you're at it, be sure you keep our wonderful US Armed Forces and their families in your prayers, LOOONG time, too!!! This song is for Arnold and his wonderful wife. The wife and I danced to this song. Beautiful. God bless you all! It's Friday! Let's dance!


pamibe said...

Prayers going out for Arnold and his friends and family! I can tell he means a great deal to all who know him... talk about the measure of a man!!

Almighty and Eternal God, You are the everlasting health of those who believe in You.
Hear us for Your sick servant Arnold, for whom we implore the aid of Your tender mercy, that being restored to bodily health,
he may give thanks to You in Your Church.
Through Christ our Lord.

USA_Admiral said...

Prayers sent.

JihadGene said...

Pam- AMEN! LOOONG time!!!
USA_Admiral- Thank you!

Kid said...


JihadGene said...

Thank you, Kid!