Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday Let's Dance

It's Friday night out here on the west coast of North Korea. Time for some music and a movie. I love the musical works of Henry Mancini, soldiers, and pretty girls. What could be better than a movie with all three? Soldiers, girls, and Mr Mancini's music! Tonight's offering is "Soldier in the Rain". How about Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason? Tom Poston & Tuesday Weld? Even Adam West (Batman)? Like those folks? Boy, I sure do! You know, I've met all kinds of people in the US Army and saw soldiers make unlikely friends... but friends, really good friends, none the less. Being thrown together in the military will do that to you. "Soldier in the Rain" is a classic, in the demonstration, understanding, and makeup of unlikely pairs. God bless all our US Armed Forces personnel and their families LOOONG time!!! Keep 'em in your prayers and have a wonderful weekend everyone! That's an order! JG ;)


pamibe said...

Love the music; it's smooth and sweet! Too bad Netflix doesn't have the movie, I've never seen it... :(

Coffeypot said...

Like to have worn my legs out dancing to that one, Gene.

Kid said...

Mancini music is fantastic. That clip reminded me of the start of Dr Strangelove.