Monday, February 13, 2012

New DPRK Submarine Named

BREAKING NORTH KOREAN NEWS! In an effort to beat the Obama administration and Secretary of the US Navy, Raymundo Mabus at the naming of their own vessels, Supreme Leader, KIM Jong Un has announced today the naming of a new submarine..."The Whitney Houston". The Supreme Leader said, "This isn't just any old sub, by enemy (any) means! No sir, Syng-man Rhee, buddy! This is the all new "LL Cool J" class, crack-attack submarleene! Gabby your hearts out LOOONG time!!!" We now return you to our regularly scheduled program, mourning the loss of Great Reader KIM Jong Whatshisface. That is all.


innominatus said...

That new sub can do 40 knots... When everybody is pedaling in sync.

Six said...

It's tender is named the Bobby Brown. The worlds first sub tender powered by coke and rage!

Karen Wiggins said...

This is a greeat post thanks