Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Sunday! Let's Pray!

Our Father in Heaven, before we go into battle, every football fan among us will approach you each in his own way. Our enemies too, according to their own understanding, will ask for protection and for victory. And so, we bow before your infinite wisdom. We offer our prayers as best we can. I pray you watch over the SF 49ers as I cheer them into battle. You use me as your instrument in this awful hell of the NFL to watch over them. Especially if they're men like this one (my son) beside me, deserving of a future in your blessing and goodwill. Amen....Oh yeah! And one more thing, Lord...don't even listen to...or otherwise pay attention to...those heathen bastards from New York. One more question,Lord...if it's alright? Was Tim Tebow a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness or something? Amen. ;)
* On the important side of life*... please keep our wonderful US Armed Forces folks and their families in your prayers. Give thanks. Pick up someone who's down and have a wonderful day! JG;)


joated said...

Good one!
I just pray that each player plays to (or slightly above) his abilities and does so without getting hurt or inflicting physical damage to his opponent.

Let us see an exciting and entertaining game.

(Oh, and whoever wins the NFC--and I am hoping it's the Giants--sorry, let us hope and pray that the Ravens knock the stuffing out of the Patriots.)

Coffeypot said...

Amen! Good prayer! Especially the request to uplift a trooper or sailor having a down day.