Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Title for KIM Jong Un

The North Korean Generals have changed KIM Jong Un's title, yet again. Click here. So...okay, now instead of "Great Suxccessor" KIM Jong Un is now called something else. Therefore...when President Obama comes to bow down and kiss KIM Jong Un's hand...or... "other" body parts...he should refer to him as the "SuperMe Reader". That is all.


USA_Admiral said...

I guess there is no high title?

Maybe godling Un?

innominatus said...

Commie may be useless and annoying, but they make a pretty good parka as evidenced by this picture.

Kid said...

How about supersize me. He sure is a fat ugly thing.

Kid said...

Wouldn't it have been great if someone put that black powder on the rims of the eyepieces of those Binocs ?

Lol !

Kid said...

Gene, I'm sorry man, Please come back !

Hey what about kim lying in state in perpetuity ? Wouldn't it be great if they showed all the kim clips from Team America on big screens in that palace in Pingpyong? How you rike at Hans Brix !

I think N Korea is a perfect living example of why Nukes should be used to resolve conflicts such as the Korean war.