Friday, August 5, 2011

KIM Jong IL Reviews You Tube Vido

Meanwhile...somewhere north of South Korea's DMZ we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL wasting time, watching crap on You Tube.

KIM: Oh that's a good one LOOONG time!!! General Wang! Come here!

WANG: Yes, Great Reader Sir!?

KIM: Take looks at this Tube of You video, of funny Aflac-can American!

(together WANG and KIM view video)

WANG: Say Great Reader, that's really funny! He should do one about the US Government! Say, like..."Jones' Big Ass Government & 401K Stock Market Academy".

KIM: BWAHAhahahahahahaha!!! Good ones, General Wang but a brother from Hawaii already beat him to it!

KIM & WANG: ROR LOOONG TIME!!! (Raff Out Roud)

(Big hat Tip to BlackFive's Matt Burden for this Video and inspiration!!!)


Kid said...

I like big Jones.

USA_Admiral said...

An entrepreneur of the first class.

That brother from Hawaii is the most destructive force for capitalism on the planet.