Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Joe Biden is Tired

Why are you always so damned tired, Joe?

Hold on big guy! Before you unload on me, just hear me out. Ya see...what with the high cost of fuel and all...I have to supplement my vice presidential income I took on another job.

Another job, Joe?! Really...what?

I work nights in Reno as an air traffic controller.


joated said...

badda bing!

When's the next show? How long you gonna be in this club?

Seriously, these two were made for each other. One hasn't a clue and the other has no brain. (You can assign names to the characteristic.)

Kid said...

Oh,.. I thought it was gonna be another kind of job. One that starts with B.. But your punch line was better. :)

LL said...

Rim-shot! Bada boom!


stopsign said...

lol~ Good One~Thanks

JihadGene said...

joated- Thank you! Thank you very much!

Kid- My punchline was better!

LL- Thanks LOOONG time!!!

stopsign- Glad you liked it!