Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama Shocks 'n Awes KIM Jong IL

Meanwhile, somewhere way out west of the west coast and north of the South Koreans, we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL reflecting on the latest news out of Washington DC...

KIM: General Wang, are you sure this is true?

WANG: It's been verified, Great Reader Sir!

KIM: So, let's me see if I'm halves this right.... Michelin Obamamama is showing her support for the troops families commencing on April 13th with the Military Families Initiative? Just days after her husbbsband, Baawack Whosenamed Obama, threatens not to pay the troops?! How can that be???!!!

WANG: There's really no explaining it, Sir. It is what it is.

KIM: Wang, hand me my Ytunes M3P player. I wants to listen to some A-Shee Dee-Shee.

WANG: AC/DC, Sir? What song?

KIM: "I've Got Big Balls", of course!

WANG: Of course, Sir.


innominatus said...

President Dickhead even said that if he got a bill just for funding the troops he'd veto it.

JihadGene said...

innominatus: That's right, looong time.

Kid said...

Great One. What do you think of your sending 12 of your best over to study Capitalism ?

AC/DC is good choice though your excellency. I'd like to hear it reverberating off the walls of your palace.