Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Fixes Air Traffic and Unemployment

Meanwhile...somewhere north of Munsan, South Korea, we find Great Reader, KIM Jong IL once again in front of the television set.

KIM: Turn on the Shee-N-N news channel, General Wang. President Obamama is going to give speech!

WANG: Very good, Sir.

TV: My fellow Americans, as you all know...thanks to George W. Bush, these are tough times...both for the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic controllers and our nation...due to the rate of high unemployment. It is because of these factors, that I have paired up with Air Traffic Control Czar, Joe Biden, in an effort to fix it. So...beginning tonight, I have instructed Joe to personally give on-the-job air traffic control training to former employees of the bankrupt Blockbuster Video stores! These are full-time, shovel-ready graveyard shift jobs, located in airport towers all across our less than great country. It's a win-win for the American people and makers of portable DVD players! Thank you, and now, I must go on a vacation.

KIM: (stands up, points to TV while trying to hold a straight face) That's a leader right there!!!

KIM & WANG: BWAHAHAHAhahahaaa!!!


LL said...

Since air traffic control is essentially a big video game, they might do better than most people think -- except when the lights blink bright and wink out on the screen because some dope besotted teenager decides that it would be fun to put one jumbo on top of another. Then Slow Joe Biden would take the stage and slap his head, with a smile and say, "my bad"...the way he always does.

Kid said...

Darn that George Bush !!!

JihadGene said...

LL- It really is like a big video game!

Kid- But of course!