Thursday, April 21, 2011

KIM Jong IL I Had a Dream

Meanwhile somewhere north of the tunnels on the DMZ, we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, afraid to go to sleep.

KIM: AWWW... WHOLEY HORSE KWAP!!! General Wang! Come here!

WANG: What's wrong, Sir?

KIM: I'm can'ts sleep! I'm keeps having these bad dweams.

WANG: Dreams? What kind of dreams, Great Reader?

KIM: Like I'm Joe Biden's wife and I'm haves to wake him up for work.

WANG: That's bad, Sir.

KIM: That's nuffing. Then I'm had dream I'm a pilot whose plane is going down in flames and Joe Biden is in the controls tower!

WANG: That's bad, alright.

KIM: Then I'm had this dream that I was Joe Biden and I was in Lost Vegas, trying to get into a Sleep Number Store. But then, all the beds were taken up by a bunch of drunks from the Air Traffic Controller's Convention.

WANG: Oh my!

KIM: Then I'm had this weird dream that I'm was not a Norf Korean at all... but, that I was from India.
(Kim looks in mirror sees big red circle in middle of forehead)
Oh mine Gawd!!! It's twoo! I'm Indian!

WANG: Relax, Sir. You are not Indian. I believe you feel asleep on you wrist watch and that left the mark on your face.

KIM: Call for me nurse, preeze.

WANG: Thorazine, Sir?

KIM: Yeah. Have her make it a double.

WANG: On the rocks, with a little umbrella?

KIM: Roger that.

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