Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Libyan Pilots Go AWOL

Meanwhile somewhere at a Libyan Air Ports Base we find Lance Corporal Colonel Gaddafi 's Air Force pilots, Habeeb and Clifford, in a most serious discussion....

Habeeb :But I think he's right! In fact, I just saw Colonel Gaddafi's latest You Tube interview. He has proclaimed the skies over Libya are 100% more safe right now, than flying on a Delta flight outta Fresno even after being felt-up by the TSA criminals!

Clifford: More safe, my moose-limb ass! Dude don't know the difference between a Shitzu and some granola!

Habeeb: Don't speak of our great leader like that!

Clifford: Did he do the You Tube at night again?

Habeeb: Yes.

Clifford: Was it raining?

Habeeb: Well, no.

Clifford: Was he dressed like a Libyan Librarian Lady and carrying the umbrella again?

Habeeb: Yes. Yes, he was.

Clifford: So...???

Habeeb: Damn.


innominatus said...

Clifford... LOL

Why hasn't the Colonel promoted himself to like 10-star general by now? Maybe then people would take him seriously.

stopsign said...

LOL, Thanks

Elm said...

"Libyan Librarian Lady" is funny!

How about he also looked like a Lesbian Libyan Librarian Lady? Tongue Twister!