Wednesday, March 9, 2011

KIM Jong IL Advises Tiger Woods

Great Reader of Norf Korea, KIM Jong IL has advised the once great golfer,Tiger Woods, to hire actor Charlie Sheen in order to help Woods overcome his "losing slump". In an exclusive interview, Norf Korean Newz asked our Great Reader, "How could Charlie Sheen possibly help Tiger Woods?" KIM Jong IL replied, "Winning LOOONG time....Duh!!!" JG;)


innominatus said...

Great Reader, Charlie and Tiger: Imagine the kind of party they'd have together. Wow.

Kid said...

LOL ! That goes for your last 2 posts too.

I downloaded a Firefox Add-on today that replaces the words 'charlie sheen' on any web page with a big purple mark-out.

I love it.

USA_Admiral said...

Sheen is turning into a quote machine lately.

My favorite: "feasting on the bones of trolls".

Elm said...

Sheen looks like his eyeballs are about to pop out. He won't make it long if he keeps it up.