Friday, March 18, 2011

Hillary Sings! It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

I love today's let's dance song LOOONG time!!! Melissa Etheridge really belts this one out! This song is for Hillary Clinton who...while I don't like her...I do, however, greatly respect her for all of her hard work. She's got a very tough job and our President (Mr "O"nvacationasshole) has not made her job any easier. So let's remember all of our troops in harm's way and keep them and their families in our prayers!!! It's Friday so let's dance to Hillary Clinton singing, "I'm the Only One". Have a wonderful and safe weekend LOOONG time!!!

(A JihadGene reWrite)

Please Barry can't you see...
Japan's a burnin' hell!
I got Arabs a rippin' and tearin' and strippin'!
Libya needs a NO FLY ZONE, as well!
Last night you told me...
that you ache for something new.
And some Brazilian golf is lookin' like something
that might be good for you???!!! (WTF)

Go on and stay least Michelle is gone.
Go on, believe her when she tells you...
nothing's wrong.
But I'm the only one...
who'll tell the unvarnished truth to you!!!
I'm the only one...
who's down in my desire for the "U"!!! (USA)
It's not only fear that makes you a bum...
The People, is what you're hiding from!!!
When all your promises are gone...

I'm the only one!!!

Joe Biden, you know that dude can't see!
I'm trying to explain...
His mind's crap dejouer, he's an idiot for sure!
And I'm not going back again!!
The golf, vacations, and NCAA picks won't make
It go away!
You'll wake up tomorrow and write-off the sorrow...
that holds down the USA.

Go on and tell me: I'm a rock-throwin bitch whose gone!!!
Go on believe Pelosi when she tells you that
"Nothing's wrong."
But I'm the only one...
Who'll fly across the pond for you!!!
I'm the only one
Who'll drown in my desire for the "U" !!! (USA)
It's only the race card that helped you run
and demons at Fox news you're hiding from!!!
When all your empty promises are gone...
I'm the only one!!!


stopsign said...

Rofl! Truest song I've heard in a Looong time.

Unknown said...

I loved your blog! I sent several friends you Komerican love story.
I came across this and immediately thought of you. Enjoy.

JihadGene said...

Glad you liked it, stopsign!!!

Thanks LOOONG time, Mary Ann!!!