Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jackwagons Unite!

Friends over at Villainous Company reminded me of Project Valour-IT. Got some extra dough, Joe? Here's a way to put it to some really good use. We have a lot of wounded troops,as of late, due to stepped up operations in southern Afghanistan. Medevacs are TWICE the number they were last year. A bunch of those wounded troops could use a voice activated laptop to give them some independence by using the computer themselves and not having to depend too much on others. Sending e-mails to friends and family means a lot. Ever been in a hospital for several days or more? Know how it is...sleeping when you can...or need to...and waking up to find cards from visitors you missed because you were so out of it? Project Valour-IT offers just the ticket! Communication for when a wounded Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine needs and feels up to it. These voice activated laptops do wonders for the morale of our wounded heroes. I know they hate being called heroes but...they ARE!!! Our troops deserve the very best! Please give. Hell, I don't even care which branch of service you donate to, as long as it goes to Project Valour-IT. Click HERE for Army. HERE for Navy. HERE for Air Force. HERE for Marines. God bless you and thanks for your support!!! Always remember that Great Reader ruv's you Jack's Wagons all a VERY LOOONG TIME!!!


Cassandra said...

Thanks for supporting Valour IT :)

pamibe said...

Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine team... it's all good! Soldier's Angels rocks! :-D