Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's 3AM Mr President

Meanwhile it's 3:00AM and we find the President not on vacation, for once, but at the White House, in bed. The telephone rings...

TELEPHONE: (ringtone: Cheech & Chong's "Earache My Eye")

BARACK: ZzzzZzzz....

MICHELLE: zzz...Huh? (elbows Barack)

BARACK: Zzzz...

MICHELLE: Honey, wake up. It's the "RED" phone! (more elbowing)

BARACK: Okay-okay, I'm up. No more elbowing. Who the hell are you, Kobe Bryant?! Give me the phone, Mama.

MICHELLE: Here, asshole! (hands phone upside down).

BARACK: (holds phone upside down) What? I can barely hear ya. What...shelling in South Korea? Did you wake ME... "THE PRESIDENT"... up at 3AM... to tell ME..."THE PRESIDENT"... I looked like an ASS and BOMBED at the G20 Summit in Seoul???!!! WHO is this, anyway? Is that you Hillery???!!! I'll bet it's you! I got your number, BITCH! Did Bill put you up to this?!




kerrcarto said...

Shit, meet fan. I have a gut feeling this is just the beginning.

innominatus said...

kerrcarto is right. I think barry ends up giving Taiwan to the mainland in exchange for help dealing with NK.

Hope I'm way, way wrong.

USA_Admiral said...

It is just starting and we have a weakling socialist at the helm.