Monday, October 11, 2010

KIM Jong IL Judges Arkansas Barbecue

The people of Helena, Arkansas were fantastic, LOOONG TIME!!! I had a great time judging barbecue and all the while hearing great blues music live! What could get better than ask? Well...the answer is getting to be with BlackFive's Uncle Jimbo, his buddy Kev, and the wonderful Tankerbabe!!! I had a 49 hour pass, authorized by my "South Korean Minister of RUV", also known as MY LOOONG TIME RUVER (the wife)... to Memphis, Tennessee. The clock started from when I departed Fresno's airport on Friday until the time I touched down again on Sunday. Worth every JC Penny of it, LOOONG TIME!!! It was wonderful! I will post more later, but for now I feel a song coming on. A song sung by Andy Williams and re-written by JihadGene/KIM Jong IL (me) singing "Love Story"...or "Where Do I Begin". The barbecue was excellent and I had to screw it up a bit for this song. Hope all those fine folks in Helena, Arkansas can forgive me and not take it out on Leta for letting a Californian in on such a wonderful event and such a great time! The folks I met there, in Helena, were great LOOONG TIME!!! Please click on the YouTube to play and sing along with my re-written lyrics.

The RUV STORY SONG (rewritten by JihadGene and sung by KIM Jong IL & Andy Williams)

Where does I begin?
To tell the story of how great a drive from Memphis to Arkansas can be?
With Kev and Uncle Jimbo in the back filling empty water bottles with their pee?
The simple truth about what great barbecue means to me
Where do I'm starts

With Leta's first "Hellrow"
She gave new meaning to this Norf Korean world of mine
(*DISCLAIMER*...other than my wife)
She got me on as a barbecue judge...LOOONG TIME!!!
The southerners (not Korean ones) came into my life and made blues music fine
Barbecue filled my heart!

Barbecue filled my heart with various ribs and things
with pork butts and Uncle Jimbo's wild imaginings
Pork fills my Seoul with so much RUV
That anywheres I'm goes, I'm never ronely
With a face-full-of-pork, who could be ronely?
I reach for another rib and fall out the chair

How much looonger can I'm last
Can my ruv for barbecue send me to the hospital in one day?
Kev had no answers but now this much I can say
I know I prayed my heartburn would soon go away
And "UNCLE JIMBLOW" will still be there!!!

How long does this last
Can my "Super-sized Heavy-load Depends" hold out for this entire day?
I decline to give an answer but this much I can say
I know I'll need a Rexall Drug Store...hope it's not too far away
And I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!


Six said...

Dude, I am beyond jealous. Free BBQ with good friends? Outstanding!
Glad you had a great time.

Kid said...

Sounds like a win-win-win-win !

Anonymous said...

My Gram would *RUV* you as much as I do singing Andy Williams with your lyrics would make her wet her pants!!

Me ruv you long time...DefendUSA

JihadGene said...

Six- You should be jealous! Even the beers were free but the barbecue was sooo good we all ate way more than we drank.

Kid- You would have RUV'd it very LOOONG time!!!

DefendUSA- Glad your Gram would have RUV'd it. What's not to RUV when I was having so much fun with those three?! Poor Leta...she was the best hostess in da entire world LOOONG time! Kev and Jimbo were AWESOME as well! Like the free fly...with those guys and gal...what you see is exactly what you get. I wouldn't want it any other way. It was good. Very good.

Kid said...

Damn Right !

A salute to the 4 of you.