Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Friends and Good Housekeeping

As I write this...somewhere north of the DMZ, norf of Bakersfield, CA...I'm still smiling over the wonderful visit we had with Mil-SurgeonArmySpouseFashionYogaCatDog- Blogger extraordinaire, Kanani Fong, of The Kitchen Dispatch,and her great kids. Like Kanani, her kids are just plain nice and lots of fun! Thanks to Kanani's visit, the wife and I were motivated to clean the place up somewhat...but not too much. Here is some of my lovely wife's very savvy Korean wisdom on housecleaning for company..."We clean the house but not too clean. A house too clean will just make the guests uncomfortable. Remember, there is no perfectly clean house, only hospitals. For someone you really like...leave some dust!"
WoooHooo!!!! I RUV my wife very looong time!!! Invigorated by her great wisdom, I helped perform housekeeping duties as instructed by my Korean Minister of Good Housekeeping. Thanks to her guidance...by the time my wife, son, and I were done the place....it looked...well...it looked good enough for the cover of "Better Homes in Dust Bowls". It was good. We were as ready as ready could get. Bring on the guests! Enter Kanani Fong & Company...
Did you ever have family come visit that were lots and lots of fun?! Ever have a visit from a friend who's kids were that enjoyable too?! If not, I understand...that's a rarity...but it all happened here in the California Central Valley Dust Bowl, Sunday! I'm swears,looong time! When they drove off for L.A. my son smiled and said..."I miss them already. I hope they come back soon." I looked at my lovely wife whose Korean eyes were smiling, telling all. Us too, we thought...us too. The visit was that very-very good.
So, the moral of this true story is..."If ya come to our house and it's spotlessly clean. Steer clear. You are not welcome."
But for Kanani & Company, we'll keep the dusty and moth-eaten red carpet rolled out LOOONG time!!!


joated said...

Ya gotta leave some clutter and dust for when your Korean in-laws return. Give 'em something to concentrate on instead of ganging up on YOU!

Kid said...

I'd say that's perfect logic on the housekeeping.
Sure sounds like a great time.