Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama to KIM Jong IL on Face Book

Dear Great Reader KIM Jong IL,
I am taking time away from my busy vacation schedule to send you greetings from the mostly Muslim country of the United States of America. Kim, if you would stop making trouble for me I could hook you up with a boatload of freshly boiled-in-oil Louisiana shrimp...or how's about I give you Janet Napolitano's phone number? Maybe some olive drab colored platform shoes in a size 5? Get back at me, my man!

As Always,
Barry Whosenamed Obama
White House, USA


USA_Admiral said...

I am surprised he took time out to order Gibby to write this communication.

At least you could have photo shopped a clown nose and hat on that bastard.

Kid said...

I think Kimmy would prefer the Kagan.

Teresa said...

His great mistake was in not offering to play a round of golf with the Great Reader and lose.