Sunday, August 8, 2010

KIM Jong IL's View on GM's Latest Plans

Meanwhile somewhere north of the South Korean Hyundai factories, we find Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL contemplating the latest news from The American Thinker ...

KIM: General Wang! Get your koon-dingie (Korean speak 4 butt) overs here ASLAP!!!

WANG- Right here, Great Reader! What's going on, Sir?

KIM: I'm gonna be witch-which-WITCH!!!

WANG: You're going to be rich, Sir?

KIM: Abs-so-rootly, General Wang!

WANG: How so, Most Excited One?

KIM: See's article in The American Stinker? See howze it says General Motors is going to build new pants in Mexiglow?

WANG: Yes, Sir...I see the article about GM building new "plants" in Mexico. But how's that going to make you rich, Most Entrepreneurial One?

KIM: E fluckin' Z! I'm goings to open up...

WANG: A raft rental and dive shop? You mean, Sir... like a place that rents river rafts and sells wetsuits and dive gear, Sir?

KIM: Of course!!!

WANG: But how could that possibly make you rich, Sir?

KIM: Vocation-Vocation-Vocation!!!

WANG: Location-location-location? I don't understand. Where would you set up shop, Sir?

KIM: Anywhere's in the good old USA on the "NORF" side of the Rio Grande, mi Amigo!

WANG: (see's the light) Oh,I get it! What with all the Americans out of work, they'll be flocking south to Mexico for employment.

KIM: BLINGO!!! (Norf Korean speak for BINGO)


*Special looong time thanks to FB friend Katy Ward for the inspiration of this piece


innominatus said...

That NoKo MoFo is always coming up with good ideas!

JihadGene said...

Innominatus- At least he does.
Obama sure as hell doesn't!

Kid said...

What does the UAW say about this ?

Trading jobs for voters?

Well, not because of this, but I won't be buying a GM product probably in my lifetime because I won't buy from a government owned car company.

Another way I get to vote each and every day. Which is fun.

JihadGene said...

Kid- Government Motors.

pamibe said...

Oh, good. Our government is investing in a foreign country during a depression. Nice to know..!

Luckily we have Great Reader to make us smile!! :D