Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking Norf Korean News!

Dicktater KIM Jong IL announced today that the American White's House was sending a former US President to North Korea. This diplomatic mission is in hopes to possibly secure the freedom of a US spy who referred to the Great Reader as "Mr Juche Fruit". When interviewed, Great Reader KIM Jong IL said it was unclear as to which former US president it would be..."Either the Peanut President or the Penis President". So there you have it, North Koreans...be prepared for a visit from Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. We now return to our regularly scheduled program...Welcome Back Carter.


USA_Admiral said...


Penis Prez is too busy hustling ass to make this trip.

Prez Peanut is too senile to remember why he is going or where he is going.

Six said...

Mr. Juche Fruit.
That's some quality comedy right there.

Kid said...

LOL. Peanut-Penis, How could you tell the difference !

Anonymous said...

What could we give Dear Reader to make him keep Jiminy?