Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Dance Like Mexicans!!!

This Friday finds the Great Reader jones-ing for some Mexican food and musica el looong time! Wouldn't you just know that some of our fine US Army troops in Iraq could fill that bill completely?! Yeah folks, it's a "FOBBIT" Friday for all us "REMF's" so let's dance...Mexican's the song "El Hell if Eye No" by the el groupo, "Mariachi's on Menudo"! God bless all our troops and their families a very-very mucho LOOONG time!!! Adios muchachos y muchachas.


Teresa said...

ROFLMAO - happy Friday to you Gene! Have a terrific weekend. I gotta give it to those guys - very inventive.

USA_Admiral said...

I love the fact they can have so much fun where ever they serve.

God bless them and protect them all.

g-man said...

CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEN Geeeeeeeeeeeeene!
Wassup My Brother??

Vixen said...

That was fantastic Gene. Hope you had a good weekend and found some decent Mexican food!