Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ask KIM Jong IL: About Birds

Dear Great Reader-
My Face Book friend, Flag Gazer, tells me of this stray bird she found. I think it could be a Green Quaker Parrot. If so, how can I be sure?

Byrd D. Watcher
Chickenscat, Nebraska

Deer Chickenscat-

You are frum fly-over country and don't know of my simple test for birds???!!!
Oh well, let Great Reader clues you in! The answer is found using
"KIM Jong Il's Stray Bird Test".
...First off, you needs two average size cereal (or rice) bowls.
...Next, fill one with water and the other wiff oatsmeal.
...Now, note that if the bird goes diwreckedly to the water and starts to bobbing it's 'lil head under then you'll have your answer!
Your streamlined feathered stray friend is a Baptist...not a Quaker!!!

Great Birder
NKFC Franchise Owner
(Norf Korean Fried Chicken)

P.M.S. Be careful of any stray birds who knock on your door!!! Could be a census taker or worse...a Jehovah's Witness!!!


buffalodick said...

I've never seen a Quaker give anyone "the bird"....

Teresa said...

OMG - groaning... you didn't just say that...

Kid said...

Gene, One of my workmates says his brother was married to a chick who "Could make a Jehovah's Witness cry out 'My Gosh, look at the time - I must be going'"

Kanani said...

Vewwy gooooddd!